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(Induction) coil winding

Spulenwickeltechnik Spulenwickeltechnik

Inductance and high frequency

We wind: coils, air coils, high-frequency coils, chokes, transducers, ferrite, transformers.

We use state-of-the-art, high-performance automatic winders to wind coils with wire diameters of between 0.07 and 3.5 millimetres. Even copper profiles measuring over 25 square millimetres are no problem for us. We can provide orthocyclically wound coils weighing just a few grams to several kilos.

We accompany you all the way along the line, from development and prototyping through to small or sample batches and mass production running into the millions. Customised solutions can generally be supplied within a few days.

Spulenwickeltechnik Spulenwickeltechnik